Many Medicare Beneficiaries Seeing Their Needs Unmet, Especially When Care Being Prepaid

April 6, 2015 at 11:32 AM Leave a comment

2014 12 31 Unmet Needs Geriatric

An “unmet need” refers to care or help that one requires, but does not receive. Some elderly need help with such activities of daily living as going to the washroom, bathing, going outside, or being able to eat regularly, Medicare beneficiaries who are living in assisted living facilities are reporting more unmet needs than those living on their own even though assisted living facilities cost, on average $3,500 per month. Although there are factors considered as to why those living on their own may report less unmet needs, such as the higher rate of self-sufficiency in elderly living on their own as opposed to those living in assisted living or otherwise. While this may be true, it seems counterintuitive that Medicare beneficiaries living in housing where care is paid for should report their needs unmet.

Source: Freedman, V., & Spillman, B. (2014). The Residential Continuum From Home to Nursing Home: Size, Characteristics and Unmet Needs of Older Adults. Oxford Journals Medicine & Health & Social Sciences.. Retrieved April 2, 2015.


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