Medicare Acute and Post-Acute Care Payments for 30-day Episodes That Began With Hospitalization and Cost Depending on Location

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20154 10 Congestive heart failure  chart

2015 04 10 Congestive heart failure chart 2

The study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that a significant driver of the cost of post-acute care is the setting in which it occurs. The study also found that inpatient facilities often discharge patients to a post-acute care facility or home health care agency with insufficient coordination of care or follow-up.  Only if, and when, the patient is readmitted does the acute care provider return their attention to managing the patient.

New provider compensation models, such as episodic payments and cost-sharing arrangements, have started to address these incentives.  In the future, provider compensation models are likely to increasingly address both inpatient and post-acute care.  IDNs, ACOs and payers are likely to develop programs to more closely control the cost of post-acute care and measure the impact of different sites of post-acute care on outcomes.  IDNs and ACOs will have their discharge planners incorporate these considerations into patients’ care plans.

Source: (accessed January 26, 2015).

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