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Perceptions into the Recent Hospital Billing Data Release

The release of hospital transparency data shows large differences in pricing for common procedures among local hospitals. How will hospitals respond to this data? Read on to consider our thoughts:

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Aligning provider incentives to change product use

Payers and providers expect the evolution towards value-based compensation models to be slow and measured but sure,

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Simplicity is Best!

Sometimes, the simplest change to a product’s features can deliver outstanding returns. Our client’s product category is widely used and has been for decades, innovation can be challenging. However, changing the color of a component of their product and wowed their customers.

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Pricing Study for a Novel Medical Device

In this study, we were able to provide valuable insights to a start-up medical device manufacturer to help them decide what price premium to charge for their first product.

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Specialty Pharmaceuticals: Reimbursement Moves Toward ASP

In a survey we recently conducted, we discovered some significant trends regarding the use of specialty pharmaceuticals. One of these trends includes a shift towards ASP-based reimbursement for specialty pharmaceuticals.

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