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Conducting research with VACs

2015 08 25 rodin the thinker for MedSpan Musings

MedSpan Musing

Working with VACs

Manufacturers of medical devices, diagnostic imaging equipment and diagnostics need to conduct research with VACs to better understand sales and contracting pathways in ACOs, IDNs and hospitals. Key VAC representatives include:
  • Purchasing — Responsible for identifying benchmark products and developing contracts
  • Care unit director — For example, Director of Surgical Services or Director of Diagnostics. Non-physician who is responsible for budget and inventory management.
  • Nursing — Responsible for evaluating use of devices in daily patient care.
  • Section heads/physicians — Responsible for championing the product or procedure.
  • Finance — Director of Decision Support is responsible for evaluating product’s impact on hospital finances. For example, works with physicians and nurses to evaluate a product’s impact on incentive programs and cost structures.
 While these executives typically work at the hospital level, they often have IDN- or ACO-level responsibilities. Therefore, screeners need to check for responsibilities rather than job titles.

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MedSpan Musings — Tips for better market research  

2015 08 25 rodin the thinker for MedSpan Musings
Assessing the role of cost in
hospital product purchasing
and utilization
Market Research Tip
Often, manufacturers of medical devices seek to understand the role of cost in the value analysis committee’s decision to approve and utilize their products. To address these question, gather the perspectives of:
  • Department managers
    • Director of Surgical Services, ED or GI Lab, etc.
    • These administrators typically have a nursing background
  • Department medical directors
  • Purchasing
  • Physician champions (physician preference items only)
  • Nurses or other allied health professionals who use the product

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