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How will private ACOs impact your business?

As healthcare reform shifts from traditional fee-for-service to alternative provider compensation models, such as shared savings/risk-sharing arrangements, provider organizations that aren’t already on the ACO bandwagon are closely watching the performance of ACOs around the country to see if they should get in the game. Last week, a private California ACO reported early success.

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Health Insurance Exchanges: Competition is Working

Recent information released on New York’s health insurance exchange shows that competition may indeed lower premium prices next year. How will this affect healthcare manufacturers? Read on to find out.

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How will Medicare Advantage Developments Affect Your Products?

Reductions in federal payments to Medicare Advantage plans have caused split views on enrollment number predictions. Regardless of enrollment outcomes, drug and device manufacturers have certain things they need to keep in mind if they want to be successful.

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Why Market Access is Crucial for Healthcare Marketers Today

Market access has changed dramatically over the years and is becoming a high priority for healthcare marketers. Read on to learn about these changes and how to address the complexities of gaining access.

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ACA to Greatly Benefit those with Pre-existing Conditions

Under the Affordable Care Act, those with pre-existing medical conditions cannot be denied health insurance, nor experience higher premiums just because of their conditions. This is likely to cause an increase in market size for healthcare device and therapy manufactures who target patients with pre-existing conditions.

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