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MedSpan Musings — Tips for better payer market research

2015 08 25 rodin the thinker for MedSpan MusingsMedSpan Musings — Tips for better payer market research¬†¬†

The benefit covering a drug is not always obvious
When discussing benefit coverage of drugs with payers, remember that some health plans at first cover drugs under the medical benefit and then transfer those costs each month to the pharmacy benefit. Be sure to probe for this approach and its implications for drugs administered in physicians’ offices and alternate sites of care.

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Even your business’ name is a key part of niche marketing

Niche marketing is a key marketing concept in the healthcare industry. Targeting one’s products or services can enhance overall success rather than limiting revenue potential. One of the foundations for successful niche marketing is a proper name for a new business or product. Learn how one of MedSpan’s clients addressed this fundamental need.

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Niche marketing — Finding that special population

As this case study illustrates, niche marketing can deliver incremental revenue.

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