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Home Healthcare + Star Ratings = Controversy

Like nursing homes, physician groups,dialysis centers and Medicare Advantage plans before them, CMS is now rating the quality of care delivered by home healthcare agencies (HHAs). While the program is controversial, it provides clear guidance to healthcare manufactures as to the sales and marketing messages and data that will resonate with their home healthcare customers.

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MedSpan Research Pay-For-Performance Case Study

MedSpan Research Pay-For-Performance Case Study

Connectivity is one of the Key Underlying P4P Programs…Read more to learn why

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MedSpan Research’s Managed Markets Perspectives

MedSpan Research’s Managed Markets Perspectives: Pay For Performance Programs are becoming more prevalent. Dialysis facilities are already using this type of reimbursement program to improve on quality measures.

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Aligning provider incentives to change product use

Payers and providers expect the evolution towards value-based compensation models to be slow and measured but sure,

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